Change font family

Hi, I want to change output font family.
Current it is ‘Dejavu’, and I tried
Both were not working.
Any suggestiong? THANKS!

scanpy uses the following definition:

    rcParams['font.sans-serif'] = [
        'DejaVu Sans',
        'Bitstream Vera Sans',

This means that scanpy will try in order ‘Arial’, ‘Helvetica’ etc.

The plots that I generate I think have ‘Arial’ or ‘Helvetica’ although I am not sure I will distinguish ‘DejaVu’.

Maybe you don’t have available the Helvetica font?

I did this:

plt.rcParams['pdf.fonttype'] = 'truetype'
    save=' test font.pdf'

And when I tried to edited in AI, it reported I do not have DejaVuSans font, so I actually did not sucessfullt change the font when plotting?