Flavor argument in sc.pp.highly_variable_genes

I see the doc-string of sc.pp.highly_variable_genes() function

flavor : typing_extensions.Literal[‘seurat’, ‘cell_ranger’, ‘seurat_v3’], optional (default: ‘seurat’)
Choose the flavor for identifying highly variable genes. For the dispersion based methods in their default workflows, Seurat passes the cutoffs whereas Cell Ranger passes n_top_genes.

I check the seurat release notes on this website.

  • [Hao*, Hao*, et al., Cell 2021] [Seurat V4]
  • [Stuart*, Butler*, et al., Cell 2019] [Seurat V3]
  • [Butler* et al., Nat Biotechnol 2018][Seurat V2]
  • [Satija*, Farrell*, et al., Nat Biotechnol 2015][Seurat V1]

I wonder what is the difference between ‘seurat’ and ‘seurat_v3’ in the function?
Does ‘seurat’ mean ‘seurat_v2’ or ‘seurat_v4’ ?