How to update UMAP within scanpy

I am working with a collaborator using the same data, and we are sharing code via jupyter notebooks.

I noticed that although we start with the same data and process it using exactly the same code, our UMAP plots come out slightly different.

So I checked the package versions using sc.logging.print_versions() and found that although our scanpy and anndata versions are the same, our umap versions are not:

my versions: scanpy==1.4.6 anndata==0.7.1 umap==0.3.10

collaborator’s versions: scanpy==1.4.6 anndata==0.7.1 umap==0.4.2

I think that the different versions of umap could be causing the slight discrepancy in our results and would like to update umap on my end. I tried conda update --all but nothing changed. Is there a way to update umap within scanpy?

Thank you in advance for any help!

How did you install/setup your scanpy environment (if you are using one)?
You could try to update your umap using pip install umap-learn==0.4.2. I believe the newest version in 0.4.4 right now.