Import highly variable genes elsewhere

Hi scanpy team,
How should I import highly variable genes elsewhere into anndata?

No idea how to deal with adata.var…

Many thanks in advance!

Hi, I got a solution by my friend who is good at python.
I post it here, but any much easier way is welcome.

#first read hvg.csv by pandas

z=hvg.values.flatten()# make it one row
ttt=adata.var.copy()## extract adata.var and label TRUE or FALSE by hvg
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Sorry for completely overlooking this post.

Maybe a quicker solution:
adata.var['highly_variable'] = [True if g in my_hvg_list else False for g in adata.var_names]

Where my_hvg_list is your list of highly variable genes. Note that these genes must match the gene names in adata.var_names.

Thanks for reply.
I think your code will work.
Also, I figure out another way to import HVGs, especially for loom file converted from Seurat.

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this looks good too! In general it’s quite nice to move been R and python in the same jupyter notebook using anndata2ri. You could check that out at