Issue updating scanpy to 1.6.0


I have an environment with the following packages specs:

python version: 3.6.10
matplotlib version: 3.3.0
numpy version 1.18.5
pandas version: 1.0.3
seaborn version: 0.10.1
scipy version: 1.5.0
anndata version: 0.7.3
Scanpy version: 1.5.1
scvelo version: 0.2.1

However, when I updated scanpy 1.5.1 to 1.6.0 in this environment using

pip install scanpy==1.6.0,

importing scanpy would result in the following error:

ImportError Traceback (most recent call last)
53 #import scanpy.api as sc
—> 54 import scanpy as sc
55 sc.logging.print_version_and_date()
56 sc.settings.verbosity = 3 # verbosity: errors (0), warnings (1), info (2), hints (3)

/home/groups/mg102/miniconda3/envs/mainEnv2/lib/python3.6/site-packages/scanpy/ in
39 from . import datasets, logging, queries, external, get
—> 41 from anndata import AnnData, concat
42 from anndata import read_h5ad, read_csv, read_excel, read_hdf, read_loom, read_mtx, read_text, read_umi_tools
43 from .readwrite import read, read_10x_h5, read_10x_mtx, write, read_visium

ImportError: cannot import name ‘concat’

Thanks in advance

Hey @gm102,

This would be the exact thing to put in a bug report on github :slight_smile:. The discourse is more for “how to” questions rather than bug fixes.