Loading Seurat tSNE coordinates

I was wondering if anyone could help me here: I had precomputed tSNE cooridnates which I want to imported into my loom file following the instructions from here.

However, when I try to load my saved loom file, I get an error each time I set the obsm_mapping parametre:

adata = scv.read_loom("/home/ali/Dokumente/RPractise/Velocity/PythonCodes/adata.loom", obs_names="CellID", var_names="Gene", obsm_mapping="X_tsne")

Without setting the obsm_mapping parametre, the file loads normally and one can even see the tsne coordinates. Seeing as the information is available in the loom file, I assume that it is in an incorrect format…would it have something to do with it being an array? I notice that there is no ["tsne_1", "tsne_2"] headers, as listed in the scvelo.read_loom API page

Anyone know how to resolve this?