Looking for ideas to visualize lineages

Hi all, I have some sc data for which I have identified phylogenetic trees of cells. I now would like to visualize such trees on my sc embeddings. If anybody tried this, I’d like to hear their opinions/experiences. I’m thinking to exploit plot functions for paths, although it is not granted that edges in the kNN graph are present in the tree. Not to mention the fact each branching node in the phylogenetic tree is not a cell and it is not included into the sc dataset.

Can a cell occur in more than one node? If not, is this something that would fit with a trajectory visualization method?

I’m trying to go to cell-level phylogeny, so a cell = a node. Unfortunately it’s a bit hard, so i will probably end up with plotting phylogenies over cell groups.
Anyhow, I tried to use path drawing from scvelo, it works but it’s very confusing.