Writing Cell Barcdoes for Lendian Clusters, writing a Matrfix for Lendian Cluisters for copyKAT

Hello Scanpy Guru’s

I have a few questions regarding syntax for functions. Suppose I run through a 10x data set following the directions in the protocol and end up with my Lendian Clusters:

  1. How can one write/determine the cell-id barcodes present in a given Lendian clusters (for instance Lendian cluster 1)

  2. Is there a way to write a matrix similar to the seruat function below for only a specific Lendian cluster (trying to use this to examine one with copyKAT):
    raw ← Read10X(data.dir = data.path.to.cellranger.outs)
    raw ← CreateSeuratObject(counts = raw, project = “copycat.test”, min.cells = 0, min.features = 0)
    exp.rawdata ← as.matrix(raw@assays$RNA@counts)"

  3. What would the command be if I wanted to compare the diff-e expression from two different lendian clusters to each other (not the 1 vs all but a specific Lendian cluster vs Lendian another cluster)

This was a bit long winded, I really am enjoying how powerful this program is, thank you.